No More Soggy Sandwiches

Sick of soggy sandwiches, wilted salad leaves, dripping dressings and bruised bananas? Full of fabulous ideas for epic lunches but clueless as to how to get them to work without them turning into an unappetising mush?

We at Soggy Sandwich have been searching like crazy to find the best adult lunch boxes to end all your lunch time woes. Never will we let you have a #lunchfail again.

This week Soggy Sandwich met Sistema, the world’s fastest growing plastic food storage brand. John Prest, UK General Manager, told us why Sistema’s innovative ideas and unrivaled quality are just what you lot need.

Sandwich Box

Sandwich Box £2.50 (Amazon)

What makes Sistema so much more successful than other lunch box brands?
It’s a combination of things. I think our consumers like that our products aren’t made in the Far East, I think there’s a stigma around things with ‘Made in China’ written on them. Our products are all made in New Zealand and although that’s still not England there is a strong association with it here.

What sets Sistema apart from other lunch box providers?
Our innovation and our quality. We have the broadest range of products and they all get great reviews – just look on Amazon.

Why do you think there is such a trend in taking your own lunch to work now?
People want to save money, eat healthily and know what is in their sandwich. People spend £2-£3 on a ready-made sandwich each day when they could make it at home for 50-60p and save around £800 a year and have a two week holiday instead. It sounds silly but people don’t think like that normally but that’s why our lunch to-go products are thriving right now because they are the exact products for these sorts of hard economical times.

What are your most popular lunch containers?
Our best selling lunch product in the UK is the simple sandwich box that is the perfect size for a normal sandwich. We also have a lot of lunch accessories like dressing pots so that your salad isn’t soggy by the time you get to work and our salad boxes are really popular too with different compartments for each element. We do microwaveable soup mugs and noodle bowls too that are very popular.

Noodle Pot

Noodle Pot £4.95 (Amazon)

What Sistema products do you use the most?
In the winter I use the porridge to go box every day which is brilliant and is another of one of our really healthy things. People don’t want to snack on biscuits and crisps at 10am in the morning like I used to, I now get one of those porridge sachets from the supermarket that are selling so well and have that in my porridge pot. It’s a really simple product but it works.
I also use the sports bottle at the gym every day – it’s a twist and sip cap so you don’t have to touch it with your sweaty fingers unlike most sports bottles.

Where can we get our hands on a Sistema lunchbox?
We sell our products in most of the UK’s major supermarkets and on Amazon. We also sell a lot with Ocado and John Lewis.

Are your products aimed at young professionals?
We have lots of products that appeal to young professionals but many that appeal to everyone else too. My mum is in her seventies and she uses our products – and not just because I give them to her.

Any new lunch-related products on the horizon for us to look forward to?
We have two new lunch boxes coming out in Spring 2014. They will be triple-split ones and one of them comes with a yoghurt pot so you can spoon out a portion of Rachel’s Greek Yoghurt from your fridge at home into your lunchbox and eat it at work later.

An abundance of well-thought out lunch boxes in a variety of colours – which one will you pick? Soggy Sandwich has the salad to go box with dressing holder and cutlery set on our Christmas list. We like it in purple.

Salad To Go Box

Salad To Go Box £4.50 (Amazon)