Life Without Lunch – The 5:2 Fad

I know you’re squirming at the thought of it – SoggySandwich is too – but the insanely popular 5:2 fad diet cancels out two of your lunches a week. Yes, two. And apparently it’s a perfectly healthy thing to do.
After all we tell you about how important a healthy, satisfying, tasty and filling lunch is to get the best out of the rest of your day, these dieticians throw it all back in our faces and shout to the world that you can starve yourselves two days a week as long as you stuff your faces for the other five. Well, the science behind it may show it’s not fatal to do so, but SoggySandwich says it’s certainly not fun either.
At least have a banana!

At least have a banana!

Britain finally seems to be realising this too. After a consistent growth in the number of dieting non-lunch-lovers saw it’s peak in September, the UK became the second most 5:2-obsessed country on the planet. Ridiculous, right? But now you’re all starting to see sense and the fad is dying out. What does this mean? It means lunch is back on the menu seven days a week – that’s what. Phew, we were starting to panic then.
Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
32 49 58 72 78 71 100 54 54

Google trends shows how the 5:2 fad is coming to an end and about time too. It’s time to bring back lunch.

Region 5:2 diet
Sweden 100
UK 58
Ireland 37
Australia 25
We are all about healthy eating here and we will even support your dieting needs as long as they don’t involve skipping lunch. (We’re not overly keen on skipping breakfast or dinner either come to that…) It’s all about keeping the balance.
Look out for low-calorie, diet friendly lunch box alternatives coming soon to keep your weight-loss on track without leaving you screaming out #lunchfail when you haven’t had anything to eat at all – that’s a #lifefail in our book.