Live blog: Making flatbread

Flatbread is one of life’s luxuries. It has to be the right consistency – warm and charred on the outside and just the right amount of gooey on the inside. Soggy Sandwich has decided to throw a pitta party. If you didn’t follow our live tweeting via @soggysarnie this evening, don’t fear as we have documented our journey here via Storify (or click on the photo below). We can’t wait to pack humankind’s simplest, oldest, and most tasty bread inside our lunch boxes tomorrow. Except it sadly won’t retain that toasted, freshly baked feel like it always does the moment it comes out the griddle pan.10286901_10152178950031748_1788958650287898384_o

Useful information:

Recipe used? The wonderful Jamie Oliver’s, of course.

Number of cooks? 2 (one who can barely fry an egg, let alone make a bowl of pasta)

Number of flatbreads produced: 12. Tip: you can freeze the leftovers.

Time taken? This recipe is pretty easy, so we reckon it would only take 20 minutes. However, it took us over an hour, but that was only because we live tweeted it for your entertainment and had to keep stopping and rinsing our hands to snap photos without the mixture getting all over the laptop and phones! Messy stuff.

Price? Each flatbread costs approximately 20p to make. (12 x 20p = £2.40)

Verdict? You’ll have to view our live blog and see the taste test yourself…